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Write Faster With AI, Save Time ⚡

Compose AI is a free Chrome extension that cuts your writing time by 40% with AI-powered autocompletion

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A free Chrome extension to
automate your writing

Save time from writing the same things over and over again. Our goal is to automate the typing process, leaving you time for the things that matter.

Your own AI writing assistant that learns your personal writing style

A recent study found that $100k+ earners spend 87% of their workweek typing. Our platform is changing that: consider Compose AI as your personal writing assistant.

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"I spend a lot of time writing: writing emails, product specs, etc etc. Anything that saves me time, like Compose AI, is a gamechanger."
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Jake Kozloski
Founder @Razzi
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"It’s like I had a professional speechwriter assistant who knew my voice and was able to write everything for me"
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Ryan Gartin
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"I use products like Superhuman & Compose AI for their speed and time-saving ability. Definitely recommend Compose AI for that."
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Dan Gnecco
Angel Investor
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"If you write a lot on email or in copy, Compose AI is great for accelerating that process and saving you time every day - it all adds up."
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Simon Neely
Growth Marketer
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Auto-Complete Everywhere

Our AI learns more of your common phrases and writing style to recommend the best verbiage as you type

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Email, Slack, & Communication Tools
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Notion, Coda, & Productivity
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Essays, Blogs, & Long Text Creation

Contextually Aware Suggestions

Compose AI understands if you're writing an email, drafting a quick slack message, or laboring over a long essay. Our AI makes contextually aware suggestions tailored to your specific writing style.

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Personalized To Your Voice
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Aware Of The Setting & Context
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Gets Better & Better Over Time
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AI Auto-Complete Sentences



Everything In Free Plan

Learn & Automate Your "Voice"

Personalized Auto-Complete That Sounds Like You

A Self-Improving Virtuous Loop To Automate Your Writing



Everything In Premium

API Access

Create A "Voice" For Your Team's Content To Automate

Control Over Added Rules & Guidances

Expert Support

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Ability to Set Team Communication Language Rules

Custom Integration Into Internal Tools

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Cloneable Content

Beautiful Templates

Detailed Guides

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Cloneable Content

Beautiful Templates

Detailed Guides

Expert Support

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* Billed as $420 yearly



Cloneable Content

Beautiful Templates

Detailed Guides

Expert Support

Communities & Groups

Inspiration & Jobs

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Our most common asked questions.

What is Compose AI?

Compose AI is a free Chrome plugin that accelerates your writing, lets you use auto complete anywhere, and will decrease your time spent typing.

What is the cost?

The plugin is free to use forever, and there is a premium version with some advanced features including use of some of our personalization features.

How do I contact support?

We can be contacted with any questions at support (at) Compose AI, and we'd love to help you in any way that we can.

What about my privacy?

We take your privacy extremely seriously. Your text is only used to provide you with the best autocompletions possible. We will never sell your data. View our privacy policy for more details.

The future of writing through artificial intelligence

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Waitlist image pictures
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