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AI-Powered Writing Tool

Generate any text using AI. Autocomplete your sentences where you type. With Compose AI, you can write emails, create documents, and chat faster.

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Write Faster With AI, Save Time

Compose AI is your personal AI writing assistant that cuts your writing time by 40%

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Autocomplete Everywhere
Use autocomplete across all of your tools & accelerate your writing.
Personalization Of Your Writing Style
Our platform learns your \"voice\" & suggests personalized phrases.
Unobtrusive Universal Integration
Our system seamlessly integrates with your existing platforms & tools.

Loved by Everybody

A recent study found that $100k+ earners spend 87% of their workweek typing.
Our platform is changing that: consider Compose AI as your personal writing assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Compose AI?

Compose AI is a free Chrome plugin that accelerates your writing, lets you use auto complete anywhere, and will decrease your time spent typing.

What is the cost?

The plugin is free to use forever, and there is a premium version with some advanced features including use of some of our personalization features.

How do I contact support?

We can be contacted with any questions at support (at) Compose AI, and we'd love to help you in any way that we can.

What about my privacy?

We take your privacy extremely seriously. Your text is only used to provide you with the best autocompletions possible. We will never sell your data. View our privacy policy for more details.

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